Guppedantha Manasu Daily Serial – E1054 – 19th Apr

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Guppedantha Manasu

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Today’s Episode:

E1054 – Part1 : Part2 -19th Apr

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Recent Random Post:

Chiranjeevi applauds Teja Sajja; says he played his dream role

April 13, 2024

Chiranjeevi, the megastar of Tollywood who always inspires young heroes, once again showcased his down-to-earth nature recently. At the prestigious South Indian Film Festival (SIFF), he praised Teja Sajja for his remarkable journey in cinema. When asked about his favorite film, Chiranjeevi diverted the conversation to highlight Teja Sajja’s achievements.

He fondly recalled how Teja Sajja, who once portrayed a child character in his blockbuster movie “Indra,” has now grown into a leading hero, starring in the successful superhero film “Hanu Man.”

Chiranjeevi expressed his satisfaction that Teja Sajja fulfilled his dream of portraying the Interesting character in a film of HanuMan. He said that Teja’s evolution from a child actor to a leading hero is a proof to his talent and hard work.

Chiranjeevi revealed that he had harbored the ambition of making a movie like Hanu Man , but seeing Teja Sajja excel in the film brought him immense joy. He Said that Teja Sajja is an integral part of his own cinematic journey, so he felt his dream got satisfied with Teja Sajja doing a film like HanuMan.

The heartfelt words of Chiranjeevi praising Teja Sajja’s journey have resonated deeply with fans and are spreading rapidly across social media platforms. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the camaraderie and support that exists within the film industry, inspiring aspiring actors and fans alike.