GruhaLakshmi Daily Serial – E176 – 30th Nov

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GruhaLakshmi Daily Serial

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E176 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 30th Nov

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Recent Random Post:

Hero Changed In ‘HIT’ Sequel, But Why?

November 30, 2020

‘Hit’ starring Vishwak Sen, which was produced by Nani, was a decent hit and received applause from all ends. The film not only received good response from critics but also worked commercially as well.

It was already announced that the film will have a sequel. As per reports, the pre-production work for the sequel is completed and it will go on floors next March.

Usually, hero’s won’t be replaced in the sequel. But here, the producer has roped another talented actor to replace Vishwak Sen in the sequel.

If the reports are believed, Adivi Sesh is likely to play as the hero. The sequel will not have any connection with the first part and the director has penned a completely new story for the actor. It will deal with another officer of Hit department dealing another mysterious case.

The rest is the same. Nani is the producer and Sailesh Kolanu is the director. Adivi Sesh is currently busy with the shooting of ‘Major’ and after wrapping it, he would join the sets of ‘Hit’ sequel.