Green Card Queue Gets Longer

The massive dreams of Indians to settle in the US on a long-term basis is getting more and more tough every passing day. To obtain an EB5 or investor visa to get a green card, now, one has to wait a bit longer than usual and that is, for five years or more. Earlier, we used to get a green card in about two years. However, today’s innumerable number of enthusiasts queuing up to fulfil their US dream through this EB5 route is making the waiting period longer.

The US grants a total of 10,000 EB5 visas annually, of which the maximum a country can get is 700. To get the EB5 visa, individuals need to invest at least Rs 3.5 crore, in targeted employment areas in the United States and create 10 full-time jobs.

Moreover, as we know that the US administration is making the strict rules on H1B visa programme, this is also making H1B visa holders apply through the EB5 category to get a green card faster. Vivek Tandon, who is the founder and CEO of EB5 BRICS told that ”The demand for EB5 visa gained ground around 2017-18 as a lot of H1B visa workers started opting for it to get the green card because of the shorter waiting period”.

A green card is nothing but a permanent resident card and it allows a person to live and work permanently in the United States. Apart from this, other facilities like health, education and necessary benefits from the government will be initiated. Compared to the HIB visa where an individual can work in the US for a maximum for six years at a stretch, the green card will not have any such limitations.

Earlier, the data showed that among 40-50% students who are studying in the US and go on to apply for a green card at the end of their studies, there would be 25% H1B workers; and 25% used to be business people. However, now an increasing number of H1B workers are seeking the investor visa to attain a green card faster.

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