Exhibitors want Tollywood to exert pressure on AP government

The government of Andhra Pradesh recently passed a new G.O which caps the ticket prices in cinema halls. As per this G.O, theatres located in Gram Panchayats should sell tickets for Rs 10, 15, and 20 which is practically impossible, given the inflated theatrical market.

Now, exhibitors in the state are furious with the state government’s decision and they are planning to shut operations till the G.O is cancelled. They feel it is not feasible to exhibit movies with such ticket prices.

Exhibitors are asking distributors and Tollywood bigwigs to come out an support them before they take more beating financially. They are demanding Tollywood fraternity to exert pressure on the state government.

Quite a few theaters which are screening Pawan Kalyan’s Vakeel Saab have opted not to run any shows. Managements have come to a conclusion that recovering their expenses with low ticket prices is not possible. So, they are calling off the shows.

Will Tollywood come out in support of exhibitors before things take an ugly turn? Only time will tell.

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