Ennenno Janmala bandham Serial – E182 – 1st Jul

Show/Serial:Ennenno janmala bandham
Channel:Star Maa

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Ennenno janmala bandham

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Today’s Episode:

E182 –Part1 : Part2 – 1st Jul

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Senior Producer becoming A Pain For Pan-Indian Hero!

July 1, 2022

He is a senior producer who has been in the film industry for more than three decades. He bankrolled many super hit movies and is still making quality content. His daughters are looking after the production works lately though he remains as the face of the banner. He is currently making a huge project with a pan-Indian hero which costs more than 500 crores.

There are huge expectations on this movie and many big names across the country are working on this massive project. The pan-Indian hero has been doing a lot of big-budget movies lately and decided to work on a breezy entertainer under a reliable filmmaker’s direction. This easy-going film will be completed in a quick time and the pan-Indian hero planned to wrap it up during the break time he gets in between the schedules of his humongous projects.

While his fans are happy with it, the senior producer is reportedly against the pan-Indian hero’s plans. Apparently, he does not like the idea of working on another film while they are bankrolling a massive project. He wants the hero to put his entire focus on their project rather than committing himself to other movies. Sources say that the pan-Indian hero is not taking the senior producer’s suggestions seriously and is going ahead according to his plan. This has become the talk of tinsel town and we need to wait and see if the senior producer changes his mind or not.