‘Double Ismart’ Teaser: Mass Overloaded From Puri & Ram!

Following the massive success of “iSmart Shankar,” which revitalized both Ram Pothineni’s career and director Puri Jagannadh’s reputation, the announcement of a sequel, “Double iSmart,” has generated significant buzz.

“iSmart Shankar” captivated audiences with its unique blend of elements: Ram Pothineni’s eccentric portrayal of the protagonist, glamorous actresses, chart-topping music, punchy dialogues in Hyderabadi slang, and an overall sense of exhilarating chaos. While some found the film excessively loud and occasionally cringe-worthy, its entertainment value proved undeniable, propelling it to blockbuster status.

The anticipation surrounding “Double iSmart” has reached a fever pitch. The film’s posters exude a sense of unrestrained energy, leaving viewers eager to witness how the director-actor duo, both seeking to rebound from recent setbacks, will approach this project.

The recently released teaser caters directly to fans of high-octane action and Puri Jagannadh’s signature style. Ram Pothineni retains his stylish persona and delivers dialogues in the trademark Hyderabadi slang. The presence of veteran comedian Ali, a mainstay in Puri Jagannadh’s films, is confirmed. Newcomer Kavya Thapar takes on the female lead role, while Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, sporting a menacing appearance, adds further weight to the cast. Mani Sharma’s music elevates the teaser, incorporating remixed versions of popular tracks from the first film, further amplifying the excitement for the full soundtrack.

“Double iSmart” appears to be meticulously crafted to replicate the formula that made “iSmart Shankar” a success. Puri Jagannadh seems to have doubled down on every element that resonated with audiences, promising a full-fledged commercial entertainer targeted not only at the youth but also at the broader B&C center demographic (families and audiences in smaller cities and towns).

Sanjay Dutt’s inclusion as the antagonist, named “Big Bull,” adds another layer of intrigue. The film is being produced by Charmme Kaur and Puri Jagannadh themselves, and features Hollywood cinematographer Gianni Giannelli alongside action choreographer Kecha.

Scheduled for a pan-Indian release in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi, “Double iSmart” boasts a grand scale and a release date yet to be announced.

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