Doctors association lashes out AP govt’s administration..! Biggest failure of Jagan is here

The AP Government Doctors Association (APJDA) has made severe claims on the IAS officers in Andhra Pradesh that they are hurting them professionally and insulting the doctors all over the state. Doctors are said to the prime time warriors during this pandemic period but the APJDA wrote a letter that they are the most insulted than any other professionals in this pandemic.

APJDA Convener Dr. Jayadhir Babu, who wrote a three-page letter describing how IAS officers were insulting doctors in various districts, warned that corona duties would be boycotted if the harassment on doctors did not stop. He mentioned that the Srikakulam District collector arranged a meeting with Medical Officers and RMPs and asked to the RMPs to take care of the Covid-19 cases. Jayadhir Babu said mentioned that this scenario is quite contrary to medical ethics.

The association’s letter also referred to the District Medical and Health Officer (DMHO) standing at the corner of the hall as a punishment for his delay to the Joint collector’s meeting. Another IAS officer allegedly called Anantapur District DMHO on Covid related issues and said in the letter that the District Joint Collector and three trainee IAS officers had spoken very insultingly to the DMHO.

The letter states that the doctors have been forced to attend the video conferences, Tele Conferences and are asked to interact with the government officials in various applications regularly which gave them no time to attend their duties and treat the COVID-19 patients to everyone’s satisfaction.

These concerns from the doctors who are sacrificing and risking their lives in this critical period are really a shame to both the IAS officials and AP government as well. Jagan who promised earlier, that the doctors will be the most respected in the state and guaranteed their well being has turned a blind eye on all these issues even though there are repeated complaints on his administrative department. Is there any solution awaited for all these concerns of the health care officials?

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