Dimple Hayathi’s Lawyer Raises Questions On her Controversy!

Dimple Hayathi is in the news since earlier today as she attracted a criminal case for ramming a car of an IPS officer. A complaint has been filed against her and her friend in this regard. The IPS officer is believed to have said that he told the actress to change her behavior, but in vain.

When so much is going on, Dimple Hayathi’s lawyer spoke to the media and raised some crucial questions. He said that a wrong case was filed against her and the evidence that is produced is in favour of the officer.

He raised a valid point of how the cement blocks that are the government’s property entered an apartment and were placed in front of her vehicle. Usually, they are used to block the area. But what the blocks are doing in the apartment, he asked.

The lawyer said that the officer earlier spoke to the actress in an objectionable manner. He went on to say that the officer was in civil dress earlier and when the case was filed he slipped into the official dress and he wore the uniform. He said that the blocks were placed wantedly to provoke her.

At whose parking place were the blocks placed, he asked. Listing out his doubts, the lawyer said that the CCTV footage is in the officer’s favour and even the Jubilee Hills Police is in his favour. When they are doing a favor to the IPS officer, we have a no say, the lawyer added.

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