Did TDP Ask Brahmani To Take Backstep For Nara Lokesh?

Chandrababu’s arrest in the Skill Development Scam not only gave a big shock to the grand old Telugu Desam Party but also highlighted the lack of strong leaders who can take an active role. Post the arrest many felt that the leaders would carry out an aggressive protest.

But the leaders are restricted to just press meetings. With no option left family members came into the picture. Chandrababu Naidu’s wife Nara Bhuvaneshwari and daughter-in-law Brahmani took an active part in the protest. They also made some crucial comments talking to the media.

As Brahmani took an active part, a few media reports claimed that she might lead the protests against Chandrababu Naidu’s arrest. But Brahmani missed the action all of a sudden. This raised many doubts in the minds of the TDP followers.

As per the media reports, the TDP leadership is said to have kept Brahmani out of action wantedly as she is getting all the fame instead of Nara scion Lokesh. When he was expected to lead the party in protests and other activities, he went to the national capital Delhi.

During the time Brahmani took an active part and the ruling party leaders targeted the Nara scion asking what he was doing in Delhi when his father was arrested in Andhra Pradesh.

However, it is said that Brahmani was asked to take a back step to let Nara Lokesh take an active step in the protests. Nara Lokesh is expected to start another yatra to gather support from various corners. Ahead of this, we are hearing that Brahmani was kept aside.

However, the TDP leaders are not liking this. They say that there is no truth behind this. Brahmani took care of the protests in the absence of Nara Lokesgh who was busy in Delhi. With Nara Lokesh coming back to action, she took a back step as she was never active in politics.

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