Did Sreeleela Make A Right Move By Not Acting In ‘Tillu Sqaure’?

The recent success of “Tillu Square” has sparked discussions around the casting choices for the film. While the movie, starring Siddu Bujja and Anupama Parameswaran, is enjoying a successful run at the box office, the news that Sreeleela was initially offered the female lead has generated debate.

Sreeleela was reportedly approached for the role but opted out after filming began. This decision was likely influenced by the film’s bold content, a departure from her established “girl-next-door” image. Sreeleela has continued to act in other projects, including “Guntur Karam” alongside Mahesh Babu, but hasn’t replicated the level of success seen in “Tillu Square.” Currently pursuing her MBBS studies, Sreeleela is expected to return to acting soon.

Anupama Parameswaran, facing a career slump despite her youth appeal, took on the role in “Tillu Square.” Embracing a more glamorous portrayal, she delivered a well-received performance, reviving her career prospects. However, some reports suggest Anupama’s decision stemmed from a lack of better offers, implying a degree of desperation. Nevertheless, “Tillu Square” has undoubtedly given her career a much-needed boost.

Sreeleela’s decision to prioritize her image raises questions about the choices young actresses face. While “Tillu Square” might have challenged her established persona, it could have also propelled her career forward. Conversely, Anupama’s willingness to embrace a bolder role paid off, demonstrating the potential rewards of taking calculated risks.

Whether Sreeleela will eventually embrace more diverse roles remains to be seen. With upcoming projects like “Ustaad Bhagat Singh,” she has the opportunity to showcase her acting range. While missing out on a blockbuster like “Tillu Square” is a setback, it’s too early to predict the long-term impact on her career.

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