Chandrababu’s Strategy Drives Wedge Between Two Powerful Families

Only a couple of days ago, TDP strongman from North Andhra K Atchen Naidu went over to another senior leader Gouthu Shyamasundar Shivaji and sought his blessings. He called on Shivaji after being announced as the AP TDP chief. Though not yet officially announced, Atchen Naidu wanted to seek Shivaji’s blessings.

But, soon after taking blessings came the bold from blue. Chandrababu Naidu has removed Shivaji’s daughter Gouthu Sireesha from the post of the Srikakulam district president. She has been replaced by Kuna Ravikumar, who fought and lost to Tammineni Sitaram in 2019 elections. Now this is a real shocker for both Shivaji and Atchen Naidu alike.

For Atchen Naidu, the problem is that he would be seen as a back-stabber. Barely days after seeking Shivaji’s blessings, his daughter has been removed from her post. People would think that he had played a part in her removal. For Shivaji, this was a real shock. The Gouthu family feels that the party should have atleast informed them about the decision. But, this is rather unjust, the Gouthu family feels.

A maverick move by Chandrababu Naidu has now brought both the reputed families in Srikakulam at loggerheads.

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