Brahma Mudi Daily Serial – E388 – 19th Apr

Show/Serial:Brahma Mudi
Starring:Biggboss Maanas
Channel:Star Maa

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Brahma Mudi

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E388 – Part1: Part2 -19th Apr

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Recent Random Post:

Poster Of ‘Kanguva’ Creating Doubts Over The Story!

April 15, 2024

The team of ‘Kanguva’ has been generating a lot of hype with its regular updates. Starring Suriya in the lead, the movie is being made on a huge budget. Suriya is an actor par excellence and an inspiration for many. Despite being one of the biggest stars, he never leaves a chance to prove his versatility. He looked menacing and his arresting eyes are sure to bring fear into the hearts of everyone. The two teasers generated a huge buzz and people are expecting something unusual and epic from ‘Kanguva’ team.

But the recently released poster of ‘Kanguva’ is creating a few doubts over the movie. We can see two Suriyas in the poster. While one looks evil and barbaric, the other one looks stylish in a black suit. Both of them look intensely at each other, it reminds you of Kalyan Ram’s hit film ‘Bimbisara’. Since both the films involve time travelling, people are drawing comparisons between both the films. We need to wait and see how much thy are alike or unlike.

With Bobby Deol playing the negative, the expectations on the movie have escalated massively. The sizzle teaser came out and the makers have introduced us to the brutal and gory world of ‘Kanguva’.

Disha Patani is the heroine in this movie. Mahat is going to be seen in an important role. Madhan Karky is the dialogue writer for this flick while Shiva and Aadhi Narayana penned the script together. Vetri is the cinematographer while Milan is the art director. Richar Kevin will be the editor while Supreme Sundar is the fight master. Nishad Yusuf is the editor and Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad composed the music. Siva is the director of this movie and the release date is yet to be announced.