Bigg boss Telugu 4: Robot team wins; while Noel imprisoned

Bigg Boss Telugu 4, which went intriguing for two days, completed this week’s ‘Ukku hrudayam’ task with yesterday’s 19th episode.

At the end of the game that passed competitively between robots and human teams, Bigg Boss announced that the robot team won because Gangava and Abhijit were still alive as robots. Along with them, Harika and Avinash were also among the best performers. One of the four is about to be selected as a captain today.

In yesterday’s episode, it was funny to watch the entertaining drama between Amma Rajasekhar and Avinash, who slyly made him engaged in interacting while he charged. Gangava becoming enraged about Monal was also a highlight of the episode.

Afterwards, Big boss announced selection of best and worst performances. Gangavva and Abhijit, who played smartly retained their charging and considered best performers. The worst performance from the human team was given to Noel and Amma Rajasekhar as expected. Divi also admitted that she had done the worst performance.

However, all the housemates unanimously voted for Noel, confirming him as the worst performer. Big Boss sentenced Noel to imprisonment as per the norms. He was provided with unsatisfactory food, where he had to eat only Ragi Java.

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