Attarintiki Daredi Daily Serial – E1898 – 1st March

Show/Serial:Atharintiki Daredi
Starring:ETV Crew
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Krishnaveni is brought up by her maternal uncle, Krishna Babu. She and Babu’s daughter grow up like sisters. Krishnaveni wishing to help her uncle’s out of his financial problems, takes up tutoring. There the mother of a mentally challenged young man proposes to her that if she weds her son, she would help her uncle with his financial needs. Krishnaveni agrees and marries the boy much against her uncle’s wishes. Thus she finds herself stranded between her uncle’s and her in-law’s. how she would find her way out reconciling with life is the unfolding drama, ATTARINTIKI DAREDI

Atharintiki Daredi Daily Serial

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Latest Episode :

E1898 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 1st March

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