Another unique protest by TDP

Ever since the arrest of Chandra Babu Naidu, the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh in the alleged Skill Development case last month, the Telugu Desam Party has been protesting against Jagan Mohan Reddy and his government under the aegis of Nara Bhrahmani and Nara Bhuvaneshwari.

Immediately after Naidu’s arrest, Nara Lokesh went to Delhi and held consultations with legal experts and tried to meet some National leaders to garner support. During Lokesh’s absence, Naidu’s wife Bhuvaneshwari, and his daughter-in-law Brahmani stepped in to protest against the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh. They claimed that Jagan arraigned Naidu in a fabricated case just to satisfy his ego.

As part of their protests, Brahmani and other TDP leaders have been devising unique strategies to garner wide support from the general public. They are coming up with popular and catchy slogans to intensify their protests against the government.

After making a noisy protest with the slogan ‘Motha Mogiddam’ two weeks ago, TDP has resorted to another form of remonstration this Sunday evening with an interesting phrase ‘ Nyayaniki Sankellu’.

Earlier today, Nara Bhrahmani asked the people to express their solidarity with CBN and denounce his arrest by coming out of their houses shackled with ribbons and threads. Accepting the call, the TDP cadre across the state protested against the government today evening and started posting pictures and videos on social media.

Lokesh, Brahmani also took part in these protests at their residence in Hyderabad. Speaking to the media, the Nara family slammed YS Jagan and his party for their politically motivated vendetta against Naidu. They also alleged that there is a serious life threat to Naidu as the government is trying its best to downplay Naidu’s deteriorating health because of unhygienic conditions in the jail.

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