Another Pandemic To Hit The World In The Form Of Disease X!

The world faced a big pandemic in the form of COVID-19. No words can describe the havoc the pandemic created. Everything around us came to a standstill and the way we used to live was changed. Many new habits became the new normal for us and lockdown became the only option for the world.

Millions of people died with Covid and crores of people came in contact with the virus. The health systems of various countries went for a toss with this. The Covid outbreak made the world cautious about hygiene and the usage of masks and hand wash increased.

When everyone forgot about the COVID-19 virus, sensational news came out that said that the world might face another pandemic named Disease X. The concerns about this are high as experts dub the disease as more dangerous than that of Covid.

Media reports are abuzz that former UK Vaccine Taskforce Chair Kate Bingham in her interview with Daily Mail revealed sensational details about the disease and dubbed it as a more deadly one than the Covid outbreak. She also expressed her concerns as it can affect millions of people

Expressing concerns about the new disease Kate Bingham opined that we should consider ourselves lucky as we managed to face the Covid despite the huge number of infections. But disease X is very dangerous and tough. It will have a big impact on everyone, she said.

She went on to say that a special focus should be made on stocking up the financial resources as coming up with the right vaccines and vaccinating the people is not an easy task.

Kate Bingham’s big warning came at a time when experts and the global health body World Health Organization(WHO) have been warning that potential pandemics would emerge and we should be ready to tackle them. It looks like we might have to go through a tough time once again.

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