Anirudh Shows Clear Difference Between ‘Devara’ & ‘Indian 2’!

Undisputed King of Music Composition: Anirudh Ravichander currently reigns supreme as the most sought-after music composer in the South Indian film industry. His popularity is undeniable, with directors and producers vying for his talent. His workload is immense, with projects like “Devara” in Telugu and collaborations with Gautham Tinnauri keeping him occupied.

Dominating Tamil Cinema: In Tamil cinema, Anirudh is the go-to composer for leading actors. His compositions have significantly elevated films like “Jailer,” “Vikram,” and “Leo.” His ability to create impactful music is a major draw for these big-budget productions.

Telugu Audience Enthralls for Tamil Compositions: Even Telugu audiences demonstrate a strong affinity for Anirudh’s music, often enjoying his work in Tamil films. This widespread appeal translates to high expectations for his score in “Devara.”

A Mixed Track Record in Telugu: Anirudh’s foray into Telugu cinema began with “Agnyathavaasi,” a Pawan Kalyan starrer that unfortunately underperformed at the box office. Despite the film’s failure, the music was a success, highlighting the disconnect between music and narrative impact. He has also composed for Nani’s “Jersey” and “Gang Leader,” but these projects catered to a niche audience.

“Devara” Score: Meeting Expectations? The recently released “Fear Song” from “Devara” has garnered mixed reactions. While not a bad song, it fails to meet the level of innovation fans have come to expect from Anirudh. The song bears similarities to his previous works like “Hukum” and “Badass,” leading to a sense of deja vu and disappointment among some listeners.

Anirudh vs. A.R. Rahman: A Comparison Emerges The recent release of Anirudh’s first single for “Indian 2” has further complicated the perception of “Devara’s” music. Fans accustomed to A.R. Rahman’s work in Shankar’s films have surprisingly praised Anirudh’s fresh and high-quality composition for “Indian 2.” This creates a stark contrast with the reception of “Fear Song” from “Devara.”

Uncertainties Remain: The question arises – is the underwhelming response to “Devara’s” music a reflection of Anirudh’s capabilities, or a failure of the filmmakers to tap into his full potential? Only time will tell if subsequent releases from the film can bridge this gap and deliver the impactful music score fans anticipate.

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