Amrutha Varshini Daily Serial – E13 – 30th Nov

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Amrutha Varshini Daily Serial

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Today’s Episode:

E13 – Part1 : Part2 :Part3 – 30th Nov

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Recent Random Post:

Nagarjuna Unhappy With Bigg Boss Contestants, Kichcha Sudeep To Host The Show?

November 29, 2020

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 is going absolutely well and within very few days, we are going to witness the winner of the show. In yesterday’s episode, we have seen Nagarjuna, the host of the show giving warnings to the contestants of the house. He told everyone to play their own game in a real way and not act in the house.

In Saturday’s episode, everyone thought that Abhijeet will step out of the house. But, finally, he was saved. Nagarjuna was very angry on Abhijeet and he told him to play the tasks without giving any excuses. He told Harika that she has become the captain of the house because of Monal and for Abhijeet. Nagarjuna said that she didn’t fulfil her responsibilities as a captain of the house. In the episode, the ‘King’ of Tollywood praised Ariyana as the best captain of the house and told her to play the game well.

Avinash, Akhil, Ariyana and Monal have been nominated for this week’s eviction. Avinash has got eviction free pass and he was safe this week. Monal was also saved. Let us wait and see who is going to step out of the house this week.

Now, the makers of the show have released a promo in which one could see Kichcha Sudeep on the show. The contestants of the house were shocked to see Kichcha Sudeep and asked where is Nag sir. To this question, he said that Nagarjuna was fed up with them and so he is not going to come to the show. But, finally, Nagarjuna comes on the stage. Here is the video, just give a look at it.