A man stabbed to death in an attempt to maintain social distancing

With the corona peaking in the country, the central and state governments are implementing prohibitions. Already, the lockdown has been announced and people have been banned from turning into groups.

Some fools do not change even if they have to go out and maintain the social distance, which is famously being termed Covidiots by many. A horrific incident came to light in Tamil Nadu, where a man stabbed a person with a knife during a spat for asking to maintain social distancing.

A major hill station in Ooty has witnessed the brutal death of a man for maintaining social distance in the wake of coronavirus outbreak. Jothimani (40), a day-to-day laborer, is dining at a small hotel. At the same time, Devadas, 43, from Kerala, who works in a bakery, came to the hotel to drink tea.

Jothimani asked Devdas to maintain social distancing when he was sitting next to him. This irked Devdas and soon had a quarrel, which provoked Jothimani to raise hand and then Devdas stabbed him with the sword in the neck causing profuse bleeding.

The locals responded and rushed Jothimani to the hospital where he died while receiving treatment. Upon receiving the information, the police reached the scene and handed over the body to the family after the post mortem. The accused Devadas was arrested immediately. The case is registered and is being investigated.

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