4.30 PM | ETV Telugu News | 28th June 2020

4.30 PM | ETV Telugu News | 28th June 2020

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Brahmanandam clears the air about the false news against him

July 5, 2020

Some news about legendary actor-comedian Brahmanandam has surfaced on social media lately. The rumors were rife that Brahmanandam has not been getting film opportunities much and has agreed to star in a serial. On enquiring about the actual truth, the entertainer rubbished the baseless rumors against him and claimed them to be false news and untrue.

He said, “I’m not acting in any serials. For the past three-and-a-half months, I have not been stepping out of the house due to the pandemic situation. All of our family members restricted ourselves from going out and we are absolutely safe. Currently, Im not even thinking about my career and happily spending my time with my grandson”. He added saying that he is a voracious reader, who reads a lot of books and also do sketching, which is one of his favourite hobbies.

I’m leading my life peacefully and I don’t even know where such rumors come from, ”said Brahmanandam. India’s drawings in the backdrop of Corona, Sri Sri’s portrait etc that have been snapped by the actor during Lockdown, was well appreciated by the netizens and went viral too. The actor’s son Raja Goutam, often engaged the Telugu audience by sharing his dad’s drawings on social media, which clearly proved his love towards art and his dad.