2023 elections will be my last, says this top T Congress leader

It appears a generation of political leaders is gradually eclipsing. They are slowly beginning to talk about walking into the sunset. The latest politician, who had his time under the sun, to talk about retirement is MP and former Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Uttam Kumar Reddy.

The other day talking to media persons at Gandhi Bhavan, he said that the 2023 elections could be his last elections. He said he may not fight the next elections. He said the elections were becoming prohibitively costly for him. The expenditure for securing votes was becoming too much of a burden, he said.

He further said that the ruling TRS has crossed all barriers in raising the costs of elections. He said the TRS has converted the electioneering into a game of money and people like him would not be able to afford it, he said. He also said that the Congress workers and the leaders at the ground level were under tremendous pressure from the ruling TRS.

He said false cases were being foisted on the Congress leaders and cadres at the grassroots level. He further added that the Congress workers were being harassed by the TRS cadre and the leaders. He said given the reign of terror unleashed on the Congress workers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the Congress workers to fight back.

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