World Renowned Scientist Breathes His Last

Most popular for his work and also the book ‘A Brief History Of Time’, Britain’s theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has finally started his peach march in time. A while ago, the man who is known for his groundbreaking work on black holes and relativity, breathed his last.

A great scientist and extraordinary man, born on 8th January 1942, Hawking died at the age of 76 today at his home in Cambridge, UK. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease at early parts of his life and got wheelchair ridden till the end as his body got completely paralysed. His life as written by his first wife Jane Hawking was made into a cinema “The Theory Of Everything” in 2014. He has three children with his first wife.

Hawking believes that the universe is governed by the laws of science and he’s not religious. His achievements are very big and legendary that cannot be discussed in detail but he has contributed so much to the field of physical cosmology, quantum mechanics. He’s honoured with various prizes, medals, superlatives and awards. Almost a dozen films, documentaries and TV series are made on him.

For his extraordinary discoveries in the field of general relativity and quantum gravity, Hawking will live until the time ends. Long live legend!!

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