When Will Allu Arjun Get That Done?

Today Tollywood’s very own Stylish Star has met ace comedian Brahmanandam who has undergone surgery to his heart recently. Wishing the king of comedy a speedy recovery, Allu Arjun spent ample time at the comedian’s house.

While the whole of this meeting went quite well, as Allu Arjun proudly shared, ‘My Kill Bill Pandey Killing It’, the photos of this meeting has raised another concern for fans now. Yes, it is none other than the look of Stylish Star that is worrying many.

From sometime, a piece of news is being heard that Allu Arjun is looking forward to a makeover. Some stated that he will go for a new hairdo and also trying to achieve a lean look for his upcoming movie with Trivikram. But nothing sort of that is actually visible in Bunny’s looks when he turned up at Brahmi’s house today.

So, is that an indication about further delay in the start of Trivikram-Bunny movie, as the mega hero will take more time to get a new look?

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