Vadinamma Daily Serial – E13 – 22nd May

Show/Serial:Vadinamma Daily Serial
Starring:Prabhakar, Sujitha
Channel:Star Maa

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Vadinamma Daily Serial

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E13 – Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 22nd May

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Recent Random Post:

Is Mahesh Babu ‘Reddy Gari Abbayi?’

May 17, 2019

With Maharshi not satisfying the core masala seekers from Telugu films, it looks like fans already started expecting big from the upcoming film of Superstar Mahesh. It’s none other than the one that will be directed Anil Ravipudi once our hero returns from his United Kingdom tour.

Rumours are now coming that actually, Anil is considering some crazy titles for this movie. Earlier there was a talk that this script is nothing but the ‘Ramarao Garu’ story the director has narrated to Balayya Babu earlier. But now, the talk is that this film will have a faction element and the title will be like ‘Reddy Gari Abbayi’.

Like we revealed it earlier, the film will have the Rayalaseema touch as we have seen in Aagadu but it will be dealt with a huge dose of comedy. And then this title is more of a confirmation that indeed they are working on a film that is based on seema region.

However, sources close to the film confirmed that this is just a working title and the real title will be revealed later on.