Swarna Kadgam Telugu Serial – E58 -22nd Feb

Show/Serial:Swarna Kadgam
Starring:sanjana , poonam kour
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
The makers of India’s biggest motion picture, and South India’s largest television network - Arka Mediaworks and Eenadu bring to you South Indian televisions’ biggest production till date – Swarna Khadgam.

One of the most popular and loved story telling genres, folklore, that told tales of Indian culture and mythology has dwindled and disappeared from television.

Swarna Khadgam, a fantastical period drama adventure, brings back to the small screen the once revered folklore genre.

Set in kingdoms across the region, and various realms of the Universe, Swarna Khadgam brings a new wave of storytelling, art and technology to the small screen.

Swarna Kadgam Telugu Serial

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Latest Episode:

E58- Part1 : Part2 -22nd Feb

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