SITA is about how woman should be ruthless: Teja

Director Teja said ‘SITA’ is all about a woman should be in this ruthless male dominated society and how she fights against all odds.Teja added that he wrote the story of the film long back and narrated it to Kajal Aggarwal but the hero was different.

“I had a hero in my mind but Kajal said she won’t because of the hero. After few years, Kajal said she should only do ‘SITA’ as the role is apt to her. This is my third film with her and she did a fantastic job,” said Teja.

The female lead’s attitude is also the villain in the film and that should be watched on the big screen.Talking about hero Bellamkonda Sreenivas, director Teja said, so far he did only commercial films.“As he did commercial films mostly, I had my inhibitions. But he performed quite easily and it was me who struggled to tune to him. You will be see a new Sreenivas in this film,” stated Teja.

Teja praised actor Sonu Sood for his dedication.

“Sonu did not do Telugu films for a while. He asked me to narrate the script over the phone and he immediately liked it. Sonu selected his own costumes for the role and sent me,” said Teja.

‘SITA’ is releasing on May 24th.

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