Shiridi Sai Telugu Daily Serial – E249 -28th Dec

Show/Serial:Shiridi Sai Telugu Daily Serial
Starring:Anandi of Chinnari Pelli Kuthuru
Channel:Gemini TV

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Shiridi Sai Telugu Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E249-Part1 : Part2-28th Dec

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Recent Random Post:

Valmiki Run-Time 2 Hrs 51 Mins!

September 11, 2019

Next Friday, we’re going to see the exclusive punch festival of proven director Harish Shankar on the silver again as Varun Tej’s “Valmiki” is set for a massive release on September 20th. But the runtime of the film is an indication that the director is pulling a big feat.

Actually, the original Tamil version of Jigarthanda is 2 hours 41 minutes and now the Telugu version is 10 minutes more of it. We have to come to know that Varun Tej and Pooja Hegde starrer has almost 2 hours 51 minutes of time, a length that many filmmakers are these days finding it scary.

From two and a half hours, already Telugu cinema adapted the two-hours formula, but thanks to Rangasthala and Arjun Reddy, 3 hours of runtime became the new colour of Telugu films now. And generally filmmakers slim out the length of remake movies, but here Harish has extended it by 10 minutes, maybe the flashback episode and item song have taken it.

Trimming other portions, Harish is said to have carved beautiful love story between Varun and Pooja, which took a decent screen time to enthral the audiences. Also, this episode has a remix song of legendary Sridevi who breathed the last recently.