Savithri Daily Serial – E1209- 23rd Feb

Starring:ETV Crew
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Savithri is abandoned by her husband Aswin. Subsequently, she handles the ups and downs of her life in a spirited manner. ETV Telugu is a 24 x 7 satellite channel comprising general entertainment programming from South India containing serials, both fiction and non-fiction, reality show oriented programs, devotional programs, feature films, tele-films, musical programs, film based programs, youth based programs, women's infotainment programs, special ground events including events for some of the film based programs, musical based programs (reality show oriented and other similar) and special programs relating to major festivals specific to Telugu language speaking community and the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh.

Savithri Daily Serial

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Latest Episode :

E1209 –Part1 : Part2 -23rd Feb

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Rana’s Next With Horror Film Director

February 20, 2019

Baahubali star Rana Daggubati is one of the most busiest stars in Tollywood at the moment. He is currently shooting for as many as five movies in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages. And, Rana’s new film had its official announcement today.

Rana will next be acting under the direction of Milind Rau, who turned director with Siddharth’s Tamil-Hindi bilingual horror drama, Aval (The House Next Door) in 2017. The film also released in Telugu as Gruham.

Rana’s new film will be produced by Gopinath Achanta under his production house VishwaShanti Pictures. Milind has finished scripting already and is currently giving finishing touches to the dialogue version. If things go as planned, the project will begin in August later this year.