Saaho – Hindi Film Dubbed In Telugu?

Saaho is the next level for Prabhas after his Baahubali success Pan-India. He is looking to consolidate National wide market with this film.Hence, it is being made in Hindi too. But the concentration of the filmmakers seema to have been shifted more to Hindi than making it as a bilingual.

Zanjeer/Thufan starring Ram Charan did the same and lost market in Telugu even though some scenes are shot in both languages.Songs were made keeping Hindi market in mind and film failed in both areas. Prabhas has a different market to Ram Charan, who had none at the time.

But going this way, does alienate Telugu mass audiences for film as cast and even songs lack nativity. One can understand the tendency to cater to large audiences with huge budget of 200 crores but this can be a risky step.

Hope next songs will have local flavor too, especially for Prabhas mass fans and huge young audience base.

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