Raktha Sambandam Daily Serial – E352- 18th Jul

Show/Serial:Raktha Sambandam Serial
Starring:Meena Kumari, Jyothi Reddy
Channel:Zee Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Raktha Sambandham is a Telugu television drama series starring Meghana Lokesh, Siddhu, Jackie, Jyothi Reddy and Meena Kumari. The story revolves around the loving relationship of two siblings, Krishna Prasad and Krishna Priya. Sharing a strong bond between them, Krishna Priya and Krishna Prasad is even willing to sacrifice her own happiness for her brother’s needs.

Raktha Sambandam Serial

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Latest Episode:

E352-Part1 : Part2: Part3 -18th Jul

Previous Episode:

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E315-Part1 : Part2 : Part3 -5th Jun
E314-Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 4th Jun
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E311 –Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 31st May
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E306 –Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 25th May
E305 –Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 24th May
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E303 –Part1 : Part2 : Part3 – 22nd May
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E296 –Part1 : Part2 : Part3 -14th May
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E269 –Part1 : Part2 – 12th April
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E265 –Part1 : Part2 – 8th April
E264 –Part1 : Part2 – 6th April
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E262-Part1 : Part2-4th April
E261-Part1 : Part2-3rd April
E260-Part1 : Part2-2nd April
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E258-Part1 : Part2-30th March
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E256-Part1 : Part2-28th March
E255-Part1 : Part2-27th March
E254-Part1 : Part2-26th March
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E252-Part1 : Part2-23rd March
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E227-Part1 : Part2-19thFeb
E226-Part1 : Part2-18thFeb
E225-Part1 : Part2-15thFeb
E224-Part1 : Part2-14thFeb
E223-Part1 : Part2-13thFeb
E222-Part1 : Part2-12thFeb
E221-Part1 : Part2-11thFeb
E220-Part1 : Part2-8thFeb
E219-Part1 : Part2-7thFeb
E218-Part1 : Part2-6thFeb
E217-Part1 : Part2-5thFeb
E216-Part1 : Part2-4thFeb
E215-Part1 : Part2-1st Feb
E214-Part1 : Part2-31st Jan
E213-Part1 : Part2-30th Jan
E212-Part1 : Part2-29th Jan
E210-Part1 : Part2-25th Jan
E209-Part1 : Part2-24th Jan
E208-Part1 : Part2-23rd Jan
E207-Part1 : Part2-22nd Jan
E206-Part1 : Part2-21st Jan
E205-Part1 : Part2-18th Jan
E204-Part1 : Part2-17th Jan
E203-Part1 : Part2-16th Jan
E202-Part1 : Part2-15th Jan
E201-Part1 : Part2-14th Jan
E200-Part1 : Part2-11th Jan
E199-Part1 : Part2-10th Jan
E198-Part1 : Part2-9th Jan
E197-Part1 : Part2-8th Jan
E196-Part1 : Part2-7th Jan
E195-Part1 : Part2-4th Jan
E194-Part1 : Part2-3rd Jan
E193-Part1 : Part2-2nd Jan
E192-Part1 : Part2-1st Jan
E191-Part1 : Part2-31st Dec
E190-Part1 : Part2-28th Dec
E189-Part1 : Part2-27th Dec
E188-Part1 : Part2-26th Dec
E187-Part1 : Part2-25th Dec
E186-Part1 : Part2-24th Dec
E185-Part1 : Part2-21st Dec
E184-Part1 : Part2-20th Dec
E183-Part1 : Part2-19th Dec
E182-Part1 : Part2-18th Dec
E181-Part1 : Part2-17th Dec
E180 –Part1 : Part2-14th Dec
E179 –Part1 : Part2-13th Dec
E178 –Part1 : Part2-12th Dec
E177 –Part1 : Part2-11th Dec
E176 –Part1 : Part2-10th Dec
E175 –Part1 : Part2-7th Dec
E174 –Part1 : Part2-6th Dec

E173 –Part1 : Part2-5th Dec
E172 –Part1 : Part2-4th Dec
E171 –Part1 : Part2-3rd Dec
E170 –Part1 : Part2-30th Nov
E169 –Part1 : Part2-29th Nov
E168 –Part1 : Part2-28th Nov
E167 –Part1 : Part2-27th Nov
E166 –Part1 : Part2-26th Nov
E165 –Part1 : Part2-23rd Nov
E164 –Part1 : Part2-22nd Nov
E163 –Part1 : Part2-21st Oct

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Katrina oozes oomph in white swimsuit on 36th b’day

July 16, 2019

Mexico City: Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif, who turned 36 on Tuesday, is living it up on the beaches of Mexico.The actress took to Instagram to share a photograph that captures her posing in a white swimsuit on the serene beaches.

She captioned the image with her birthday cake, the Mexican flag and heart emojis.Netizens including her friends from film fraternity flooded Kagtrina with birthday wishes and blessings on Tuesday, but it was the actress’ friend, actor Arjun Kapoor, whose witty quip garnered attention.

“You have basically gone on a photo shoot. Okay, on your birthday I shall be nice to you Katrina. Have a super birthday, you are a mad kind kind goofy soul and I love you because of your nonsense not despite it…. (sic),” Arjun posted on social media.Shweta Bachchan Nanda called the actress “gorgeous” while Madhuri Dixit tweeted: “Happy birthday. Stay beautiful and wonderful always. Lots of love and best wishes.”

Farah Khan, who recently choreographed Katrina in the recreated version of the “Tip tip barsa paani” for the upcoming Sooryavanshi, posted a heartfelt message. “Happiest birthday Katrina Kaif. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly. Go spread your wings this year baby. Love you,” Farah wrote alongside an image of herself with Katrina.

Director Zoya Akhtar commented: “Birthday Mexico Happy. Kiss miss.” Filmmaker Karan Johar wrote: “Happy birthday. Will spend all day liking your posts.”On the film front, post the success of “Bharat”, Katrina is currently busy with Rohit Shetty’s cop drama “Sooryavanshi”.

Talking about her journey in Bollywood so far, Katrina feels she has “miles to go”.

“I have miles to go. The point is to try and get better, to portray different characters, and to work harder with every film. My work is giving a huge amount of creative satisfaction and I’m really enjoying discovering different characters,” Katrina recently told IANS.