Prema Daily Serial – E161 – 18th Jun

Starring:Zee Artists
Channel:Zee Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Prema is a new show launching on ZEE Telugu, starting December 5, 2018. The cast includes Nirupam Paritala, Princy, Sravani and others. The story revolves around the couple Peter and Laxmi, who stay along with their 3-year-old daughter. While Peter comes from a poor family, Laxmi hails from a rich family. When Laxmi and Peter lose their lives in an accident, their daughter's responsibility was given to the hands of Prema (Peter's sister). Circumstances however put Prema in the bad light, which makes Pranay (Laxmi’s brother) take responsibility of the little girl. Watch the story unfold as Prema and Pranay individually fight for the right to possession of the child against all family odds.

Prema Daily Serial

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Latest Episode :

E160- Part1 : Part2: Part3-18th Jun

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