Nizam Collections Strategy Of Aravinda

Dil Raju bought the Nizam rights of Aravinda Sametha for around Rs 17 crore and the films should break even. That is not his main problem.

Since this is a prestigious project for NTR and Trivikram, the collections have to cross the Rs 20 crore mark at least, especially considering that the recent release Geeta Govindam managed to collect around Rs 23 crore.

In fact, the share was declared as Rs 21 crore because of pressure from the mega-camp and neither the 50 days gross revenues nor share of Geeta Govindam was officially released.

On Tuesday, Aravinda hardly collected Rs 80 lakh in Nizam. In a bid to shore up the revenues, around 200 tickets are being cut per show in main theatres and added to the daily collection reports (DCR) of the film.

Fans are purchasing these tickets where possible and otherwise, the revenue is just being added to the DCR. This way, there will be no complaint of fake revenues either.

Ultimately, the pressure of creating milestones for heroes is leading to all kinds of unhealthy practices.

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