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Forget Bikini Pics, Watch NTR Biopic!!

February 22, 2019

Sizzling in glamorous roles will earn huge work and pay, but pulling off the character artist roles is somewhat tough for many heroines. Some beauties, however, could sizzle in both the types.

The name Poonam Bajwa rings us of films like Modati Cinema and Nagarjuna’s Boss, which have hit cinemas a decade ago. Later she went to Tamil films and though appeared in glam roles, nothing worked out. And recently her pics from the pool are super trending in film circles as the 30-year-old is looking for a breakthrough in films.

However, she has sprung a surprise appearing in the role of legendary NTR’s elder daughter Garapati Lokeswari. Not many identify that it is Poonam, but actually, she appeared quite serene and dignified in that character, and also delivered the needful with just simple expressions.

Probably if filmmakers watch NTR Biopic, they will forget Poonam as that lady chilling out in bikinis, and cast her for supporting roles for sure. So, will this hottie get ready to play such roles in other films?