Naa Peru Meenakshi Daily Serial – E1283 – 17th Jul

Show/Serial:Naa Peru Meenakshi
Starring:ETV Crew
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
A lovely Romantic Comedy love story between a soft innocent and intelligent. traditional hidden beauty, Minakshi who comes from a below middle class family and a very smart, intelligent, flirtatious and stunningly handsome young man Radha Krishna Vanamali hailing from a super-rich corporate type business class family. Radha Krishna Vanamali, son of Dhanraj Vanamali and Aparna Vanamali, a dynamic, smart, handsome young man, is the MD of Allika Designs. Dhanraj is a super-rich business man with sportive mind set and Aparna is a well-educated high society corporate lady who is always very particular about her and her family’s perfect behavioural make-up.

The significant roles which keep the show ON with energy are:-

1. Minakshi’s sister-in-law, Bhudevi shows the peaks of her hidden sadism and thirst for money through her diplomatic and sweet behaviour and makes all her desired woks happen easily.

2. Minakshi’s nephew, Google gives a good entertainment who is named after his nature.

3. Kalyani, Bhagya Laxmi and Attili Sattemma are the three ladies residing in the same colony who are the employees of a fashion house named ‘Allika Designs’. They stand as a perfect reflection for the lower middle class narrow and selfish female mind sets. All the three characters keep entertaining the audience with their startling, unpredictable and shocking deeds every time they appear on the screen.

The Romantic Comedy Entertainer runs with interest, curiosity and tension about the reactions and repercussions that take place and how the chemistry between.. is to be seen on small screen, only on etv every day@ 8.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Naa Peru Meenakshi Daily Serial

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