Megastar Or No Megastar? Here Is A Talk

One thing is for sure, some films get unanimous applause not just because they are too good but also because the opposition is too bad. That’s what cine experts say when it comes to the super success of some films like Chalo and also Tholiprema. But also, they have other factors that merit a talk.

The big debate is happening in film circles as to how much Megastar Chiru helped Chalo and how it worked for Tholiprema even though there are no ‘mega’ shouts in the promotions. We have to agree with one fact that both these two films are running successfully at theatres not because they are backed by mega tags, but they have content that impressed and content that will work. However, the openings of these films are something for us to discuss.

With Megastar Chiru gracing Chalo pre-release event, no doubt, the film witnessed huge footfalls on day one. Unmistakably, the presence of megastar impacted the reach of this film. But after the first show, it’s the mouth talk that added to more audiences flooding theatres.

Cut to Tholiprema, Varun Tej never bragged about this mega backdrop neither any mega hero (or any star hero) attended an event to beat a ‘dappu’ in favour of the film. Varun clearly mentioned to the audiences to watch the film only if they liked the content. Unquestionably, for being a mega family hero, he has that readymade set of fans, but he need not talk about them all the time. Those fans also watch films only if the content is interesting. And with Tholiprema, they got impressed.

So whether Megastar comes to a pre-release event or a mega family hero doesn’t talk about his mega backing, the only thing that works is content.

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