Manasu Mamatha Daily Serial – E2815 – 29th Jan

Show/Serial:Manasu Mamatha
Starring:ETV Crew
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Harshavardan , Koteswarao are close friends through they are having lot of difference in their economical status. To the surprise of all, Koteswara rao joined as car driver of Harshavardan who is a multi millionaire. When Harshavardan’s wife lost her baby in pregnancy, Koteswara rao who had twins, decided to give away one girl child to Harshavardan. Either Harshavardan’s wife or Koteswara rao’s wife knows about this. Harshavardan’s wife is under impression that she gave birth to a girl child and Kotes ra rao’s wife is under impression that she gave birth to one child only. These two friends only know about the secret.
When those both girls are growing up.. having different psychologies .. having vast economical differences.. one being a daughter of an industrialist and another being a daughter of a driver.. what kind of problems came in to existence? What are the feelings of fathers? When they will came to know that they are sisters?
Answer to all these interesting and emotional questions is Manasu Mamata…. Complete family drama shot in Visakhapatnam, Araku valley & Borra caves for the first time on Telugu Television screen; with sea; sands and beaches as back drop.

Manasu Mamatha Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E2815 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 -29th Jan

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E2780 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 17th Dec
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E2775 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 11th Dec
E2774 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 10th Dec
E2773 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 9th Dec
E2772 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 7th Dec
E2771 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 6th Dec
E2770 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 5th Dec
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E2753 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 15th Nov
E2752 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 14th Nov
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E2750 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 12th Nov
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E2748 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 9th Nov
E2747 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 8th Nov
E2746 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 7th Nov
E2739 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 6th Nov
E2738 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 5th Nov
E2737 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 4th Nov
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E2735 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 1st Nov
E2734 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 31st Oct
E2733 –Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 30th Oct

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E2583-Part1 : Part2: Part3 -6th May
E2582-Part1 : Part2: Part3 -4th May
E2581-Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 3rd May
E2580-Part1 : Part2: Part3 – 2nd May
E2579-Part1 : Part2 – 1st May
E2578-Part1 : Part2 – 30th April
E2577-Part1 : Part2 – 29th April
E2576-Part1 : Part2 – 27th April
E2575-Part1 : Part2 – 26th April
E2574-Part1 : Part2 – 25th April
E2573-Part1 : Part2 – 24th April
E2572-Part1 : Part2 – 23rdApril
E2571-Part1 : Part2 – 22ndApril
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E2569-Part1 : Part2 – 19th April
E2568-Part1 : Part2 – 18th April
E2567-Part1 : Part2 – 17th April
E2566-Part1 : Part2 – 16th April
E2565-Part1 : Part2 – 15th April
E2564-Part1 : Part2 – 13th April
E2562-Part1 : Part2 – 11th April
E2561-Part1 : Part2 – 10th April
E2560-Part1 : Part2 – 9th April
E2559-Part1 : Part2 – 8th April
E2558-Part1 : Part2 – 6th April
E2557-Part1 : Part2 – 5th April
E2556-Part1 : Part2 – 4th April
E2555-Part1 : Part2 – 3rd April
E2554-Part1 : Part2 – 2nd April
E2553-Part1 : Part2 – 1st April
E2552-Part1 : Part2 – 30th Mar
E2551-Part1 : Part2 – 29th Mar
E2550-Part1 : Part2 – 28th Mar
E2549-Part1 : Part2 – 27th Mar
E2548-Part1 : Part2 – 26th Mar
E2547-Part1 : Part2 – 25th Mar

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Aswathama, the protagonist is in search of the mysterious serial killer and is seen hatching out a plan to get to him.We don’t know if the protagonist is a cop or an investigative journalist. But the theme looks identical to that of Rakshasudu.

Interestingly, Naga Shaurya turned writer for this film and has penned the story of Aswathama. This mystery action thriller is directed by Ramana Teja. It is produced by Naga Shaurya’s home production Ira Creations that made Chalo and Narthanashala earlier.

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