Manasu Mamatha Daily Serial – E2620- 18th Jun

Show/Serial:Manasu Mamatha
Starring:ETV Crew
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Harshavardan , Koteswarao are close friends through they are having lot of difference in their economical status. To the surprise of all, Koteswara rao joined as car driver of Harshavardan who is a multi millionaire. When Harshavardan’s wife lost her baby in pregnancy, Koteswara rao who had twins, decided to give away one girl child to Harshavardan. Either Harshavardan’s wife or Koteswara rao’s wife knows about this. Harshavardan’s wife is under impression that she gave birth to a girl child and Kotes ra rao’s wife is under impression that she gave birth to one child only. These two friends only know about the secret.
When those both girls are growing up.. having different psychologies .. having vast economical differences.. one being a daughter of an industrialist and another being a daughter of a driver.. what kind of problems came in to existence? What are the feelings of fathers? When they will came to know that they are sisters?
Answer to all these interesting and emotional questions is Manasu Mamata…. Complete family drama shot in Visakhapatnam, Araku valley & Borra caves for the first time on Telugu Television screen; with sea; sands and beaches as back drop.

Manasu Mamatha Daily Serial

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Latest Episode:

E2620-Part1 : Part2: Part3-18th Jun

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