Look Talk: Pawan Got Slim, Beard Remains As Is

Amidst the talk that Pawan Kalyan is getting ready to wear makeup again, many are wondering what are the changes he’s going to make to his looks in this Summer. Every time, he heads to Bangalore or some other place to do some gymming and also grooms himself to a new look. So what now?

From the last 10 days, Pawan Kalyan is not in the country according to insiders from Janasena. None knows where he has headed, some say that he went to in-laws house in Australia, some say that he’s actually holidaying in Canada. Whatever it may, other day he was spotted at Hyderabad international airport as he’s returning from some unknown destination.

As the snaps of Pawan Kalyan from the airport are out, we could easily make out that the Janasena president has lost a bit of weight, while he hasn’t touched his beard. Yes, his much talked about bushy beard still remains the same, and we hear that Pawan will chop it after the election result only.

In a couple of days, Pawan might go to his party office in Vijayawada to discuss the future activities of the party no matter whether they win considerable seats or not. Meanwhile, one wonders if he announces anything about his film future.

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