Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo Daily Serial – E279 – 17th Aug

Show/Serial:Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo
Channel:ETV Telugu

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Serial Plot:
Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo Daily Serial is Telugu ETV serial . Watch ETV telugu serial Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo. Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo online, Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo all full episodes online.

Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo

Watch Lahiri Lahiri LahiriLo Daily Telugu Serial online

Latest Episode:

E279-Part1 :Part2:Part3 – 17th Aug

Previous Episodes:

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Recent Random Post:

Pulihora Talk: Rajamouli Suggests To Trim Saaho

August 14, 2019

If any big release is coming and if star director Rajamouli fails to respond over it, there are some sort of rumours that mushroom around it always. Currently, as the leading filmmaker didn’t utter a word about “Saaho” till date on social media, there are various rumours doing rounds regarding this.

At a time when Prabhas’ fans are feeling jittery as Rajamouli didn’t even spare a tweet for Saaho, this particular rumour is surely bringing laughs. Some folks are right now claiming that the Baahubali director has advised the director of Saaho to trim down the second half of the movie. They say that basing on Rajamouli’s advise, Sujeeth has trimmed 18 minutes in the second half of the movie.

This is outrightly funny because Rajamouli hasn’t even tweeted a word about Saaho trailer till date, but how come he asks the makers to chop few sequences. Also, there is no clue that the First Copy of the film with fully loaded VFX and sound effects, and background score is ready yet.

That’s why they say, Rajamouli advising to trim Saaho is nothing but a pulihora talk.