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#BiggBoss3: Telangana Voters Saving Her!

August 18, 2019

Every year, Bigg Boss organisers are making sure that they bring a certain set of contestants without any fail. And right from the first season, there are these contestants that are from Telangana region and even speak in typical Telangana slang Telugu in their day to day life.

When the voting pattern regarding evictions is observed, it is being found that these celebs from the Telangana region are actually getting a huge number of votes from interior Telangana districts. No matter whether the contestants are competitive or not, Telangana folks are said to be casting huge votes for their existence inside the house, out of true love.

If we look at the Telangana native contestants In the first season, though singer Madhupriya got eliminated in just two weeks, RJ Kathi Kartika succeeded till the last couple of weeks due to the number of votes she got. In the second season, while Bhanu Sri made an early exit after 30 days, both Roll Rida and Deepthi Sunaina succeded for a long time.

Looks like the pattern is sounding pretty same this year, with Telangana folks voting hugely for Sreemukhi, Rahul Sipligunj and Siva Jyothy. While the first two are immensely talented and has fans in Andhra-Seema regions as well, Siva Jyothy aka V6 Savitri is surviving solely on Telangana folks’ votes, though she is not a competent contestant.