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Reel Talk: For PVP, small is big

August 20, 2019

Legendary character artiste Kota Srinivasa Rao garu once remarked, “It’s not enough if a person has 99% talent or resources, he needs that 1% luck as well to succeed.” This perfectly applies to business magnate and film producer PVP.

While PVP’s passion for cinema is undeniable, he has never quite had the luck at the box-office despite making a slew of big-budgeted flicks with top stars.

Eventually, his 1% luck turned out to be Sesh Adivi. PVP has made two films with Sesh till date: Kshanam and Evaru and both have set the cash registers ringing.

Quite ironic that the two least expensive films of PVP have turned out to be his biggest hits, immensely increasing the prestige of his banner in the process.

Evaru was initially planned on a budget o Rs 3 crore but the success of Goodachari changed the plans. The unit decided to scale the project up to Rs 9 crore. Of this, the producer has recovered Rs 3 crore from digital, Rs1.5 crore from overseas and Rs 50 lakh from Karnataka and Rs 2 crore from Guntur, East, West, Nellore and Krishna.

The producers have gone for own release in Nizam and Vizag area and the satellite rights are yet to be sold.

Nizam is expected to fetch around Rs 4 to 5 crore. On the whole, the makers are looking at a profit equal to the investment and PVP can thank Sesh Adivi for that.

More importantly though, it shows the kinds of good films that youngsters can come up with when big production houses stand by them.

While everyone wants to make film with superstars like Pawan, Mahesh and Prabhas, these big production houses will also benefit if they equally support young filmmakers who can change the narrative of Telugu cinema.