Evare Nuvvu Mohini Telugu Daily Serial- E104- 4th May

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E104 – Part1 : Part2 OR Click Here -4th May

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Recent Random Post:

Samantha is very possessive: Naga Chaitanya

March 18, 2019

Hero Akkineni Naga Chaitanya said Samantha is very possessive and also shared how married life is.Post their wedding for the first time, they are pairing for the film ‘Majili’ and with the release nearing, they are promoting the film. In one of the interviews, both opened up how things have changed after the wedding.

“Well, the excitement is all there for the first year and after that it’s just routine,” said Chay on a lighter note and then he added he keeps a track of her timings, when she is in and out of the home.When Chay said Samantha is possessive, the Akkineni Kodalu did not agree with her husband’s words.

Then it was the turn of Samantha who said she married a boring and stuck-up mind individual. All the comments both by Chay and Sam show they have good rapport and immensely love each other.Coming to ‘Majili’ this is an emotional romantic entertainer and Chay and Sam will be seen as husband and wife.

A Shiva Nirvana directorial, the film is releasing on April 5th.