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Why Pawan Won’t Comeback Into Films?

October 10, 2019

There have been speculations surrounding Pawan Kalyan’s comeback into films. It all began with Chiranjeevi’s statement. However, it is reliably learnt from highly placed sources close to Pawan that the actor-turned-politician is not keen to comeback into films – at least not full-fledged comeback. If he would like to oblige his big brother, Pawan may act in a film for him out of respect.

“Pawan has huge respect for his elder brother Chiranjeevi. Only because of him, Pawan is here and he is what he is today. Out of respect, Pawan may not say no to Chiru for acting in just one film. Apart from that, Pawan is not at all interested in acting films further. For now, he is fully involved in politics and he is not bothered about films any longer,” the source said. The source added people are utmost important to Pawan and bringing Janasena into limelight is the big challenge ahead for Pawan and he is currently focused on party affairs and political issues.

Why Pawan Won’t Comeback Into Films?

Practically, also Pawan coming back into films and donning the grease paint won’t work for him and his producers, directors. Since he is actively involved in politics, he can’t juggle with both at same time as huge budgets are at stake for his films.

For instance, if Pawan happens to act in a movie now, all the call sheets of co-stars and dates are taken by producers, director in advance. Due to any situation or burning incident, Pawan has to leave and attend the people.
In such cases, the shooting has to be cancelled owing to huge losses to producers. And the producers have to take the dates of all co-stars again for combination scenes. This is a huge head-ache for producers and impractical.

Even Pawan understands the pain of producers and he doesn’t want them to suffer because of him. And Pawan can’t stick to film shoot and delay attending a public cause. This will send wrong signals to people and his party leaders, workers.

Hence, Pawan said to have decided not to act in films further unless it is a cameo or a short role or highly obligation like for his brother Chiru and nephew Ram Charan.