Common Talk: Web Series Lo Kooda Same Concepts Aah!

At a time when the whole world and fellow woods like Tamil and Bollywood are experimenting with new subjects, Tollywood tried to play it safe. But with change coming up slowly, Telugu audiences started feeling happy. And then, there is this shocker too.

If it comes to web series, the whole world is quick to come up with stunning concepts because there is no censor in that world. That’s why we see a lot of stunning web series coming up in Hindi and Tamil as well. But here in Telugu, our filmmakers still deal with routine formulaic subjects in web space too.

Produced by Lakshmi Manchu for a big streaming company, Mrs. Subbalakshmi trailer was out other day, which disappointed many. The series deals with the story of a wife eloping, some diamonds going missing, some factionists chasing their eloped daughter and so on. Does that sound familiar? Yes, Telugu cinema made umpteen such movies.

Earlier Telugu folks have come up with web series like Gangstars, Mana Mugguri Love story, Hey Krishna and many, and none got clicked. Courtesy, routine masala story with cliched scenes and beaten to death twists. Common guys, web series lo same concepts aah?

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