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Can Headstrong Punarnavi Survive In Tollywood?

September 12, 2019

She calls herself a girl with high self-esteem and a student of psychology. But then, never in her attitude, that could be seen or felt. We are talking about #BiggBoss3 contestant Punarnavi Bhupalam who made her foray into Telugu films as a sidekick through Uyyala Jampala movie.

Though she debuted on Big Boss as a promising talent, somehow it looks like she is more arrogant than what she looks like. One could come to this conclusion after the way he bad mouthed Big Boss other day and refusing to take up the shoe-polish punishment.

Actually, they have come to Big Boss after agreeing to do such tasks and that is not a task that really degrades a person and makes their life sad. But it looks like Punarnavi is quite egoistic to do such task, and also considers they are par below her image. And her headstrong replies to everyone over the task are proof that she cannot handle criticism and advises.

In that context, surely it is tough for the young lady to survive in Tollywood as sometimes the character that was promised to her may not turn up in the same way she was initially promised. One should have a positive mindset and adjustment mentality to survive in creative industries.