Actress Surekha Vani’s Daughter Gives A Befitting Reply

‘Trolling’ is one thing that is happening on a regular basis on social media, as some netizens think that they have all the rights on earth to do moral policing. And recently, actress Surekha Vani’s daughter Supritha has become the talk of the town after she gave a befitting reply to such trolls.

A month ago, Surekha Vani lost her husband and her daughter Supritha even shared the ‘tala korimi’ video where the little one lit the pyre of her father. However, Supritha happens to be quite active on social media and she always entertains people with tik tok videos and also some glamorous poses. Some netizens started trolling her for posting funny videos as they asked her why she’s sharing them rather mourning her father’s death.

One wonders if the young one has to weep for years for the sake of death in the family, but netizens haven’t stopped it until Surekha Vani’s daughter gave them a befitting reply. Sharing a picture where she’s with her mom, she revealed that Surekha Vani is recovering well. And then gave her message for trolls.

“People who were commenting negatively just don’t talk without knowing and if ur pointing one finger another four are facing you. First figure out your life and then come to know what’s going on in others. You are just looking from your shoe, come out and step into mine then you will know” she said. Later, her Instagram account went inactive.

This should be enough for the trollers to get some gyaan.

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