Aadade Aadharam Daily Serial – E2994- 23rd Feb

Serial Plot:
Adade Adharam is a daily serial on ETV, sensitively highlights the role of woman in oneis life. She is the cause and the reason of existence, and the ultimate refuge. Vikas, a selfish person who sets his eyes upon rich Renuka, incites his friend Sagar into kidnapping her, who mistakenly abducts Amrita. Next day, she returns to her hostel. Spurned by society and even her family for having spent a night out of her hostel, Amirita unwittingly becomes a victim of fate, and so begins a tale of misery and woe.
How she tackles a string of insurmountable problems and fights fate is the drama that unfolds.

Aadade Aadharam Daily Serial

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Today’s Episode:

E2994-Part1 : Part2– 23rd Feb

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Sri Reddy To Play Lakshmi Parvathi In Biopic?

February 18, 2019

The name Sri Reddy is synonymous with controversies. No one has still forgotten the kind of sensation Sri Reddy had created with her #MeToo revelations last year. Thanks to the nonstop media coverage, Sri Reddy managed to get a couple of movies in Kollywood.

Now, the makers of Lakshmi’s Veergrandham, a controversial biopic based on NT Rama Rao’s second wife Lakshmi Parvathi, are all set to create another controversy. The film’s director Kethireddy Jagadeeshwar Reddy is planning to rope in Sri Reddy to play Lakshmi Parvathi’s role in the movie.

In a recent interview, Jagadeeshwar Reddy said that Sri Reddy has agreed to be part of his film. However, the director also said that Sri Reddy’s character will have negative shades and that he will reconsider if she objects to the script and her character after listening to the entire script.

Lakshmi’s Veergrandham will showcase Lakshmi Parvathi’s strained relationship with her first husband Veergrandham Subbarao and later her marriage with NT Rama Rao. The personal and political conflicts which took place in NTR’s life after Lakshmi Parvathi’s entry form the main story of Lakshmi’s Veergrandham.