A 3-Part Ramayana with 500 crore budget announced

Watch A 3-Part Ramayana with 500 crore budget announced

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Young Hero suffering from ‘Identity crisis’?

October 11, 2019

Fame is such a dangerous thing that it wants you to give more of your time and attention, such that it stays with you. But it is pure deception because fame walks far away as the more you try to tame it. And that is what happens with this young hero.

Usually when some youngsters score hits, what they should do is focus on the next films and impress the audiences with content. But this young hero, who got attention from all corners is focused more on grabbing attention, but not delivering next best flicks. And today he is said to have reached a position where he can’t sleep until a piece of news goes round in Film Nagar about him.

Talking about unwanted stuff, promoting himself with things that other heroes never associate with, this young star is trying to create news about himself every day. As the age-old saying goes, too much sweet will taste bitter, these many promotions are actually worrying his admirers now.

Maybe the young hero should cut down this desire to stay in news everyday and focus on work.