2nd Mass Shooting In US: 9 Dead In Ohio

The United States of America is gripped in shock and fear with two back to back shootings within 13 hours. After the tragic El Paso mass shooting that left 20 people dead and 26 injured, another shooting in Ohio, exactly after 13 hours, has claimed 9 lives and injured 26.

The Ohio shooting occurred at around 1:07 AM on Sunday night in the busy nightclub district of downtown Dayton, Ohio. In a remarkable feat, Dayton Police killed the shooter within just 1 minute of his brutal attack. The suspect, dressed in a body armour, fired from a .223 high capacity gun for less than a minute. The suspect has not been identified yet.

The Ohio shooting is the third in a week, after a gunman opened fire and like 3 people and injured 13 at a garlic festival in Gilroy, California. Democrats and other prominent leaders batted for gun control and also condemned President Trump’s racist policies, which could have resulted in the El Paso hate crime.

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