YSRC raps BJP over Jagan’s Christianity!

All these days, the ruling YSR Congress party in Andhra Pradesh has been maintaining a lot of restraint over the aggressive attack by the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders against YSRC president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy, his government and statements.

The reason for this restraint is that the YSRC does not want to adopt a confrontationist attitude with the BJP leadership or the NDA government despite provocation by the local leaders.

But when the BJP leaders started attacking Jagan over his religious beliefs, stating that he is anti-Hindu, the YSRC leaders have lost their patience and have now decided to give it back to the BJP.

On Thursday, the YSRC on its official twitter handle came down heavily on the BJP leaders for their utterances against Jagan.

“We know BJP is a communal party. And the people of the state also know it pretty well and there is no need for you to flaunt your Hindutva. On the other hand, Jagan is a great leader who strictly follows secular values enunciated in the Constitution of India which calls for right to equality of religions,” the party said.

The YSRC further said: “You may wonder how Jagan, being a Christian, will worship Hindu gods and follows Hindu rituals. That is called equality towards all religions. In this country, anybody can adopt any religious faith of his choice according to his will and wish and follow their traditions. That does not mean they should hate or run down other religions. The beauty of unity in diversity lies in taking along people of all religions and respecting their respective faiths.”

The YSRC made a strong attack on the BJP leaders saying if they did not change their hatred campaign against other religions, the people would hound them away and beat them with chappals smeared with pig faeces.

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