YCP MPs conspire on MP Raghu Rama Raju’s security?

YSRCP’s rebel MP Raghu Rama Raju has been the talk of the state for the past few months most regularly. He has been criticizing the AP government, trying to please AP CM Jagan, fighting with his fellow MPs, getting good talks with the Delhi leaders, making strong statements on social media, and whatnot. On the other side, the other YSRCP MPs made it a mission to bring him down to earth and in that order, they took a crucial step.

Bapatla MP Nandigam Suresh made a complaint to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla asking for the removal of security for RRR. He says that RRR, with high-level security, is frightening and threatening all others. Nandigam Suresh went a step ahead and said that MP Raju is threatening him of skinning and also use the Dalit card alleging that the Narasapuram MP abused him in the name of his caste. Suresh requested the speaker to take action against Raju under the atrocities of the law.

These latest comments from the YSRCP MP are after Raju complained Om Birla and provided videos telling the Speaker that Nandigam Suresh made unparliamentary and defamatory comments against him and that suitable action may be initiated against him. After all, RRR got this high-level security with the approval of the speaker and center after he submitted proofs that the YSRCP MLAs, Ministers, and MPs were threatening and filing cases against him.

So, the talk in AP political circles is that the YSRCP MPs who are alleging Raju for many things are just conspiring to remove the high-level security from the central agencies which Raju gained after a fierce battle with his fellow leaders and gained an upper hand.

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